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2022 – Gregory Kistler Treatment Center

2022 The Gregory Kistler Treatment Center

The Gregory Kistler Treatment Center received a grant in the amount of $4,911.00 to purchase updated annual occupational therapy testing kits (printed and digital) along with Adobe Pro for new therapist laptops, otoscopes, bead curtains for sensory play, and a refrigerator for patient medication and special foods used in therapy.

Accepting the award below is Aaron Lee, Development Coordinator for the Kistler Center, Tom Webb, Executive Director of The Degen Foundation, and Patty Clark, the new Executive Director for the Kistler Center.

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2022 – The Community Dental Clinic

2022  - The Community Dental Clinic

The Community Dental Clinic was awarded a grant in the amount of $21,237.12 to purchase new dental equipment: a Tori Removal System with handpieces and a cart to treat patients with "tori" -extra bone deposits that form in upper/lower jawbones that prevents complete dentures from seating properly.

Pictured are Tom Webb, Degen Executive Director, and Lisa Woodard, Clinic Director, who are both "all smiles" to receive this award on behalf of Marc Baker, the Executive Director of the CDC.
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2021 – The Good Samaritan Clinic

2021 The Good Samaritan Clinic

Tom Webb, Executive Director of Degen, Patti Kimbrough, Executive Director of The Good Samaritan Clinic, and Rebecca Ameis of Degen were all smiles to present a $25,000.00 grant in order for the Clinic to purchase a cohesive, comprehensive, and up-to-date information system with hardware, software, networking, and communication components.  According to Ms. Kimbrough, the Clinic serves over 5,000 patients annually in the River Valley, primarily in the 18-65 age group.

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2021 – The Community Dental Clinic

2021 Community Dental Clinic

2021 December Grant Award Recipients

Tom Webb, Executive Director, Lisa Woodard, Clinic Director,  Marc Baker, Executive Director of The Community Dental Clinic, and Rebecca Ameis, Director of Grants & Scholarships were on hand to present a $20,000.00 grant this week.

 This grant will provide funds to add technology and equipment to the clinic which will include a new wall-mounted computer workstation computer and monitors in all four operatives.  This will allow dentists and hygienists to access patient X-rays and other information while working with the patients. Chair side intraoral cameras and cordless prophy will be added as well for better patient diagnostics and dental care.

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2021 – The Hamilton Center for Child Advocacy

2021 December Grant Award Recipients

Another very important nonprofit in our area is The Hamilton Center for Child Advocacy formerly known as Hamilton House.  They were presented a grant for $4,718.52 to be used to equip their play therapy room with updated equipment and purchase journaling tools for child victims of sexual abuse.  Tom Webb, Laurie Burnett, Executive Director, and Rebecca Ameis were on hand to deliver the good news.

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Christmas 2022 Year End Gifts

Fort Smith Boys Home

Eddie Donavan, Executive Director of the Fort Smith Boys Home, and his staff were excited to receive our gift and posed for a picture with Executive Director Tom Webb and Board Member Mitzy Little.

The Home’s mission is to “enhance the quality of life of children and young adults who are displaced from their families or involved in the foster care system due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.” They currently have five boys who will enjoy a great Christmas this year thanks to the Degen Gift!

The Girls Shelter of Fort Smith

Sharenna Landers, Executive Director of The Girls Shelter of Fort Smith, AR posed with Tom Webb and Mitzy Little and was quite surprised to receive the gift! The shelter’s mission is “to provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere in a residential setting for underprivileged females aged 12-17 years; to promote positive behaviors, character enhancement, educational advancement, and to reunite with family.

The shelter can accommodate eight girls and currently have five girls living there. They will certainly have a great Christmas!

The Arc for the River Valley

Francy Ford, Executive Director of The Arc for the River Valley, was thrilled to have us visit and pleased to receive our gift. Their mission is “to provide advocacy, recreation, and education for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

They serve more than 450 members who live in the same seven county area that our Foundation serves. The clients are most welcoming to visitors and are the happiest people to see as they enjoy their activities. Tom Webb and Mitzy Little posed with Ms. Ford.

Abilities Unlimited in Van Buren

Abilities Unlimited in Van Buren, AR has been serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since the 1960’s. This organization makes it possible for individuals to receive services in the communities where they live – and is committed to providing services that cultivate long-term individual growth.

William “Bill” Loyd, Executive Director, was very touched by the Degen Gift and genuinely surprised by our generosity. He posed with Mitzy Little, Board Member and Tom Webb, Executive Director

Each Organization Received a Check for $6250.00