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Courtney Young

Courtney Young of Mulberry, AR is a repeat Degen Scholarship recipient and working on her bachelor’s degree in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.

She will graduate in May 2023.

This young mother of two (a seven-year-old daughter and a six-week-old son!)  will do very well and after graduation, plans to work and live in the River Valley Area.

Best of luck to you, Courtney!!

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Gabriel “Gabby” Wright

Gabriel “Gabby” Wright of Fort Smith, AR is attending the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville to achieve a master’s degree in Speech-Pathology. Her anticipated graduation will be May 2024.  As a child, Gabby received help from a speech pathologist to overcome a problem with pronouncing her “r’s” and this gave her confidence in her day-to-day life. She later shadowed a speech pathologist and decided this would be something she really wanted to do as a way to help people – especially children and the elderly. She plans to come back to the Fort Smith area

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Rebecca Warnock

Rebecca Warnock of Fort Smith, AR attends the University of Central Arkansas to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. She will graduate in May 2023.  This young woman will make a wonderful nurse as she wants to comfort patients and their families during hospital stays and provide them with understanding, patience, and care.

Rebecca will have a huge impact on her patient’s lives and outcomes.

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Sarah Tolbert

Sarah Tolbert of Fort Smith, AR attends the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and is working towards her MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Her anticipated graduation date will be May 2025.  She has been part of the Degen Foundation “family” since 2021. Sarah feels her family was very encouraging and inspired her to go into this field – as her father is a physical therapist. We look forward to seeing what Sarah will accomplish once she graduates.

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Jillian Swain

Jillian Swain is currently residing in Russellville, AR, while she attends the University of Central Arkansas. She is a BSN and working towards her Family Nurse Practitioner degree and will graduate in May 2023. She and her husband, Blake, welcomed a new baby girl to the family this year! Congratulations, Jillian!

We know once she graduates, she plans to return to our area.

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Sophie Stites

Sophie Stites of Fort Smith, AR attends Texas Christian Universityand is working on her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with plans to graduate in May 2023. She describes herself as “easy going” and cooperative, a team player and problem solver but also a leader.  In high school she attended the MASH program at a local hospital and was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with a nurse who loved her job and her patients. This inspired her to become a nurse where she can develop a relationship with her patients. We know that Sophie will be an excellent nurse! (It runs in the family) and that she will come back to the area to practice.

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Ashley Seiter

Ashley Seiter, a Fort Smith native, is attending the University of Arkansas to obtain her master’s degree in Speech Pathology. She is a repeat Degen Scholarship winner and will also graduate in May 2023. Ashley’s interest in this field grew after watching her grandmother, a  special education supervisor work closely with speech pathologists that assisted children with their speech and communication needs. Once she did some research, she decided this would be the career for her! Here is wishing her good luck upon graduation and a place to practice here in the River Valley area!

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Malorie Radley

Malorie Radley from Ozark, AR a repeat recipient of a Degen Scholarship. Malorie has her associate degree in radiology and was accepted into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith and will graduate in May 2023. She is currently working at the Johnson Regional Medical Center in Clarksville for the summer. Once she graduates, she plans to work in the Fort Smith area and would love to join an OB/GYN practice.

We wish you the very best, Malorie!